Mission and Vision


The Rigoberta Menchu Foundation contributes towards recuperating and enriching inherent human values to create world peace taking as its base the ethnic, political and cultural diversity of the world. To work to create justice and democracy, especially for indigenous peoples and natives.


The Rigoberta Menchu Foundation continues to uphold the nature of the Nobel Peace Prize won by Dr. Menchu. The Foundation is a solid institution that is accredited for its contributions to the defense of human rights especially of indigenous peoples which impels educational programs, citizen participation, community development and combating impunity.

Statement of principles

The Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation follows the Code of Ethics as it strives to create a time of peace. The Code of Ethics calls for leadership at the local, regional, and international level for peace in the form of social justice, equality, development and respect for the identity and dignity of all cultures.

The Code of Ethics for Peace:

There is no peace without justice,
There is no justice without equality,
There is no equality without development,
There is no development without democracy,
There is no democracy without respect for the identity and dignity of all cultures and people.

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